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Women High Heel Shoes Collection 2014

The pointed-toe shoes craze is back with a bang and from what we can tell, it is here to stay!

Fashion often follows a cyclical pattern and tends to repeat itself every few years. Just when we had finally said goodbye to the bell-bottom craze and invested in skinny jeans of every shade possible, the flared pants made a comeback and brought structured blazers and neon floral along with it. The latest in this line is pointed-toe footwear that is having a big moment at fashion weeks across the globe right now, in heels, flats, boots and even sandals! These edgy and super chic shoes have been subtly making a mark for a couple of years now but fashion for spring 2014 has finally embraced them completely.

Unfortunately, this style of footwear is still perceived with some apprehension. Personally, I associated it with the evil villains of Disney movies as a child. It took a while for me to realize that pointed-toe shoes can be the epitome of sophistication if worn the right way. And so, here I am to guide you about why and how to wear them during the upcoming spring season.

Anyone who isn’t a Victoria’s Secret model (read: everyone) will appreciate the fact that the pointed tip of the shoe adds a few extra inches to our body vertically, even if you are wearing flats. The point makes legs appear longer and skinnier, which ultimately, gives a leaner appearance to the rest of the body and anything that can make us look taller and thinner gets a double thumbs up. What sets these shoes apart from the rounder predecessor – those plain old ballet pumps that are now done and dusted – is that they go with everything from western wear to traditional eastern attire – even wedding outfits! Whether you are wearing skinny jeans of a dress or a chooridaar pyjama and peshwaas, the pointed-toe will always look great! The point adds a modern flair with a feminine and luxurious feel and the vast variety of designs to choose from just puts the cherry on top!

If you’re a true fashionista and want to make a point with your feet then there are hundreds of prints, patterns and colour schemes to choose your shoes. With shoes ranging from metallics to polka dots and tie-dyed designs, rest assured that there is a pair out there for everyone. So if you do plan on refreshing your shoe collection this spring/summer, take inspiration from recent fashion events and keep an eye out for the classic blacks, nudes and goldens as well as florals, stripes and other patterns. My advice would be to treat yourself to a pair of neutral-coloured shoes (black, beige or silver) that will go with most of your outfits. If you really want to rock it out, invest in a pair of studded pointed-toe heels and you’ll be the talk of the town.

Some fashion houses have also launched a range of purses and bags to match their new pointed-toe collections. Take your outfit up a notch by pairing it with a set of matching shoes and other accessories to complete your look. As I said earlier, the shoes look fantastic with any type of outfit and matching bags, jewellery and other accessories will make you look even greater!

A word of warning though; It is best if your purchase this style of shoe after having tried and tested if in person. Due to the pointed toes, one usually needs a bigger shoe size than their normal one in order to remain comfortable and avoid foot blisters. In my personal experience, buying a shoe online is never a great idea. Your shoe may add give your outfit a much-needed oomph but all will go to waste if you are hobbling around in shoes that are one size too small. Therefore, purchase them only after ensuring they are worth the hassle!

By Nayab Najam

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