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The Magic of Makeup

You have probably looked few such faces about which you unconsciously start saying adoring phrases (words). Probably, you would have heard of photogenic faces. All of us wish to have such photogenic and beautiful faces but only few of us are fortunate to get such beautiful and adorable faces. It’s very common that our faces are ruined by the blotches, spots, blots and wrinkles present on our facial skin. These disarrays can be eliminated by taking special care of our face continuously for an enough period of time. These issues can also be resolved very easily by the help of colour cosmetics. Keeping your facial skin behavior, you would have to choose the appropriate cosmetic products which could meet your requirements and give you respective results.

Magic of Makeup

You should keep one more thing in your mind. Don’t do heavy make up over your face as it gives old age look to your face which is not good for you. You need to look more smart and fresh instead of looking old and aged.

For Less Age Look

Try to use as less make up as you can, so that your face could keep your natural beauty stable and steady. This make up is much more useful and beneficial for such women who work at offices or they’re working as professional in any field.

  • Concealer: Grab two concealers; one should be of same colour as your skin colour and the other concealer should be of slight yellowish colour which can be used to hide the dark and deep lines and dark circles of your skin. Take one piece of wet foam which can be used to rub your skin.
  • Eye Liner: You can use any kind of eye liner except black colour. Don’t use black coloured eye liner.
  • Blusher: Use a blusher of peach or natural pink colour.
  • Eye Shadow: Use eye shadow of any light and soft colour like natural pink colour.

With all this stuff, you can further use lip stick, lip glow, lip stick and any other product which you like applying your face.

Face Powder

Rub both concealers on your skin in such a way that these both get absorbed inside your skin. Use the wet foam softly on your skin now. Spread the powder over you all face and flick the remained powder from your face. Now, your face is ready for makeup.


Select your desired colour for your eyes to be makeover. Use the appropriate techniques for covering top and rare parts of your eyes with eye shadow of your desired colour. Use the eye liner on your eyes according to your desire, according to make your eyes look more beautiful.


Use blusher on the bony areas of your cheeks in order to eliminate unwanted spots from these areas. Don’t use dark coloured blusher. Always try to use light coloured blusher like baby pink coloured.

Moreover, you can use other products except these to give your face more attractive look. Hope that you’ll try these tips and this article would help you improving your makeup techniques and ideas.

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