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Shamsha Hashwani: The Style Jury

Shamsha Hashwani Fashion DesignerWho nails the trends and who gets it wrong, wrong, wrong? We take a look at famous Pakistani fashion designer Shamsha Hashwani sporting a stunning Chikankari sari. The experts have decided and the verdict is in!


1.   Fashion Designer ALIZEH PASHA

Shamsha looks ethereal in this gorgeous saari. This hit number not only flatters her from and physique, it makes chikenkaari sari’s an absolute must-have in every girls wardrobe. I love that she’s matched her nails to her outfit. White is the colour de riguer! Speaking of colour, I do wish she had added some to her look with some ruby or emerald earrings instead of plain diamonds and maybe carried a statement clutch to complete her look.

2.   Fashion Designer FARAH TALIB AZIZ

I’m a big fan of chikkankari as it always exudes classic elegance. Shamsha looks sophisticated and charming in the off white drape. Perhaps a complementing soft pastel or dull gold lame blouse could add a touch of color to the whites.

3.   TV Host and Actress NATASHA SALEEM

There is nothing more than an all white ensemble and Shamsha Hashwani has pulled the look off to perfection. I bet most people would say she should have added some color maybe on her nails or even her heels but the way she’s gone with her make up, it takes a different kind of confidence and she has it! The style of her blouse, the sari itself and most of all her minimal jewelry, are stunning! if anything I’d like a less done up look for the hair, but overall very elegant and graceful. I love it!


Classically stylish and smart, Shamsha looks elegant in this graceful sari.

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