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Shaan Shahid and Ali Zafar Words War

The recent commenting between two Paksitani stars Shaan Shahid and Ali Zafar on the stage of most promising evning of ARY Film Awards 2014. The stage has become the battlefield when Shaan Shahid said, actors who work abroad as ‘cheap sell outs’ got various reactions from the public.

Karachi : Pakistan Indian Bollywood films and national artists working in any number of opponents and supporters alike have expressed their opinion on the issue among actors Sean and Ali Zafar were passive .

Shaan Shahid and Ali Zafar Words War

The actor Shaan Shahid came on stage during the Award show and criticizes the acotr who has been working in Indian cinema. He did not control his sentiment and said, the actor who has been working for Bollywood entertainment industry are just “Bikaoo”. All the audience has put the fingers on their lips after the Shaan statement. All remain speechless but When Ali Zafar comes on the stage, he strongly condemn against the statement of Pakistani Actor Shaan Shahid. He said, many Pakistani famous artists have been worked for Bollywood showbiz, includes some of the famous names like Ghulam Ali Khan, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Mohsin Khan, Zeba Bakhtiar, Atif Aslam, Shafqat Amanat Ali and many more. The artists have no boundaries.

After this night, Shaan Shahid posted on his Facebook Page: It hurts to see when your own misunderstand you. Ali Zafar needs to understand when I said undersell it means you are worth more then you are selling for positivity is a sign that show us that ego is not making your decisions. And your conuntry is in need of you. Your talent has been born and nurtured in this land it is your responsibility to give back because your local industry needs you more then them. If I wasn’t global or did not agree with Indian content I would not be making Arth. It is not what you do but how you do it. To all sons of the soil I pay my tributes and merely try to guide them and show them the true powers they possess. I dont want anybody to follow me but respect the road I choose. But then again we all have ears, ego and tons of people living up our sleeves hissing at the fire called ego. I havent lost until my own leave my side. I hope you understand as I still have hope that one day you will realize we are all green and have a place next to the crescent on our flag.

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