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Perfect Matte Lip: 5 Easy Steps

Perfect matte lips give you stunning look. It has become a trend and it is liked by everyone. Many brands are adding the new dimensions in the classic matte lips with smoother milkier and creamier finishes. You can apply natural foundation with matte lips that gives you fabulous and stunning look. In the art of makeup matte lips are tricky one. Here are five steps that will help you out in getting perfect matte lips.

5 Steps to the Perfect Matte Lip

1.   Exfoliate

Before applying lip color you should remove the dry skin from your lips. If the lips are not cleaned properly it gives odd appearance. So always be careful about it. You can use a mixture of honey and milk. Apply generously and scrub it. Then gently remove it. This process will remove the dead skin and even for the application of lip color.

2.   Preparation for lip color

Usually skin has become dry in summers. Before applying lip color your skin should be ready for it. Use Vaseline in the night that keeps your lip soft and moisturized. Matte colors are dried so always keep your skin fresh with water. Water plays an important role for your skin. You can also use lip balm before applying the lipstick.

3.   Line the lips

Use the lip liner to shape your lips. Use the sharpened lip liner for shaping otherwise it will give odd look. In order to last your lipstick for long time, fill the entire lips with liner.

4.   Apply lipstick

After shaping the lips now apply the matte lipstick color with lip brush. Always start from the center of your lips and blending outward towards the line of lips. For an even and smooth application, carefully blend the lip color with lip liner. This step is most important because blending decides the overall look. Many companies have fabulous shades in matte that enhances the beauty.

5.   Blotting

Blot a bit of luminous and glowing powder to set the lipstick. You can use the powder to give it a matte finish. Another way is blotting your lips against tissue in order to remove the excessive material. This will create more dimension and definition to the lips.

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