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Pakistani Actress Sherry Shah Wedding Pics

Pakistani renowned actress & model Sherry Shah got married with Dr. Malik Anwar Awan recently. The wedding ceremony was fully celebrated as traditional three days function in Pakistan famous city Karachi. According to the sources, they were in the relationship for last five years and now they are getting married.

The year 2013 proves that this is the best year because many famous celebrities from Pakistan entertainment industry got married and engaged in this year. So people are awarding 2013 is the best year for Pakistan entertainment industry.

Sherry Shah didn’t expose the news of her wedding ceremony from the media. She just changer her marital status on facebook that she is got married now with Dr. Malik Anwar Awan. Many famous celebrities from Pakistan entertainment industry like Juggan Kazim, Maya Khan etc and close relatives of Sherry Shah and Dr. Malik Anwar Awan attended the wedding ceremony. Sherry Shah looks happy and beautiful in her marriage ceremony because she likes Dr. Malik Awan.

Here we are sharing with you some of the best Sherry Shah and Dr. Malik Anwar Awan Wedding Mehndi Pictures. Let’s have a look on Sherry Shah Mehndi Pics:-

Sherry Shah and Dr. Malik Anwar Awan Barat Pictures

Sherry Shah wedding ceremony celebrated as a traditional three days function such as mehndi ceremony, barat and walima function. Both bride and groom look beautiful and confident on three days of wedding.

Sherry Shah is a very clever & well recognized actor from Pakistani television and fashion industry. She got great success in her theatrical career throughout best performance in every character she has been done. In very short period of time people like this super star because her acting skills won the heart and minds of the people.

Actress Sherry Shah currently working on Geo Televisions drama serial ‘Yai Zindagi Hai’. His nick name is Pinki in this drama serial. She done great job and make this drama serial successful.


  1. I need you to read below facts carefully and don’t take it lightly. These are not just assumptions or alleging someone but it’s based on truth and adequate proofs would also be provided after you read and acknowledge my message.

    The first thing I need to tell you is that I don’t have any link to the showbiz media. By being a human being it’s my duty to tell you the reality of a person calling himself as Dr. Malik Anwar Awan who recently got married with Sherry Shah (Famous model and actress).

    Few days back I saw the wedding pics of Sherry Shah and Dr. Malik Anwar Awan on Facebook and TV (Maya Khan Show – Express Entertainment channel) and I was really sorry and disappointed instead of feeling happy. I was shocked looking at the person standing beside Sherry Shah, who calls himself a doctor and unfortunately is a life partner of her.

    He is the biggest fraud and liar you can ever imagine. The only quality he possesses is that he uses his word very proficiently and can impress anyone listening to him.

    His parents didn’t die in an accident. He lied about his family as they are all alive and are living in Quetta. His family comprising his parents, two more wives plus kids and a younger brother are living a miserable life.
    He is not a doctor or Hafiz-e-Quran, as sherry and her father were proud of him, instead has not even passed his masters. He is good at making fake degrees and certificates and impressing others.

    Many times he got arrested for his bad deeds and fraud and has spent a long time in jail also. Few years back he was also arrest because he cheated many people by acting as a pir baba or sufi.

    Recently he is working with Sheikh Rasheed (Politician) as political worker and he can be seen in many videos and photos standing beside him. In these videos or photos he has beard. If you can contact Sheikh Rasheed, he can also confirm that he is or was working with him.

    If you need to know further and want proofs do contact me on my email ID or message me on my Facebook.

  2. beutiful weeding
    yr allah tala ap dono ko bht khushi de apne habeeb k sadqe me ak bat pocho kia pesa hi sb kch hu

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