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Muse Fashion Latest Collection for Women

The Muses in Greek Mythology are the Goodesses of Literary, Scientific and Artistic Inspiration. The Designer-Muse relationship has made its way to Pakistani Fashion, with some mind blowing results.

Featuring MAHGUL RASHID, Creative Director at MAHGUL for Nasreen Shaikh, and her Muse, Ayesha Noon Khan


When it comes to fashion, Ayesha and I are completely in sync and always have been. We both love to experiment with different types of cuts and craft, and constantly push the envelope with our sartorial choices, as we share an adventurous streak. Ayesha understands the perfectionist and artist in me. She embodies my vision and aesthetic, and takes it a step further. There is something very real and solid about her. She has a great aura, which is vrey important to me; when she wears my designs she wears the spirit behind them as well, which not many can do! When we are discussing Ayesha’s orders, we can talk for hours and sometimes even finish each others sentences. She has a natural style that allows her to pull off just about my outfit resulted in some memorable fashion creations.


More than a designer, Mahgul is about creative intelligence. Her artistry strikes a chord with my aesthetics. She allows herself to experiment and take risks rather than be driven by trends. The beauty is that she involves you in her fantastical journey – kind of like the experience of the rabbit and Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Mahgul has this innate elegance and sophistication, which reflects in her outfits no matter how classic or contemporary they are. I love working with her because she inspires me to be adventurous with what I wear and every moment spent brain storming and dressing is just down right fun!”.

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