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Motifz Designer Embroidered Summer Swiss Lawn 2014

Pakistan’s one of the most famous and leading Fashion Designer Motifz Latest Spring Summer Swiss Lawn Collection 2014 has been launched and ready from sale at all Motifz stores all over Pakistan from March 24, 2014. Paisley, Creepers, and Chinar leaves, the grace of heaven’s on creatures, transform this work Kashmiri stitch art into a moving master piece.

Enchanted Empire Kantha, take the ever attractive black and red, add a bouquet of gem coures and you have the class act fit for royalty. Embroiderers often draw inspiration from nature. Birds, Blossoms and flowers, Creepers and Chinar leaves and tree are the most commong themes. Motifz collection is a perfect combination of Kashmiri and Gara Embroidery with pastel floral digital print dupatta.

Let’s have a look on Fashion Brand Motifz Latest Spring Summer Swiss Lawn Collection 2014 for Girls and Women:-

Beautiful and deep, the classic Gara collection and hint of jewels gives a sense of mystique reserved for games of chance. Experience subtlety in its true from with this crafty rendition of floral Kantha pattern first flag as spring walk in. Perfect for a night party on the town. This collection incorporates attractive color pallete like combination of dark and soft colors which includes different shades of pink, purple, brown, yellow, orange, green, parrot, black, white etc and beautiful stitching styles and embroidered motifs on shirt necklines, shirt border and sleeves.

Beautiful play of Tatami stitch. Motifz handle dramaticaly this outfit. Brown is the color of stability and comfort, you can wear this collection for evening and other special occasions of spring summer season.

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