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Moon Textiles 2013 Summer Lawn Collection

The famous textiles tycoon Moon Textiles has launched their 2013 Summer Lawn collection. Moon Textiles categories their 2013 summer dresses collection in three distinct label names such as Barkha Lawn Collection, Batik Chiffon Collection, Batik Lawn Collection. All the dresses are beautifully designed with respect of design, quality and uniqueness of digital prints. The beautiful geometric design patterns incorporate on necklines, sleeves on shirts, dupatta and shirt border of the dress on front and back side and some of the dresses includes embroidery work. Moon Textiles is the symbol of quality. They always introduce unique range of dresses designs.

Moon Textiles Lawn 2013 Collection

Models exhibit all the dresses beautifully that incorporating to follow the latest style of Pakistani fashion industry and accomplish the requirement of latest trend like long shirts, kurtas, shalwar kameez with Churidar Pajamas, tights and trousers. But it’s your own choice to stitch dresses as per your own idea or requirement. They use floral and geometric design patterns on three pieces Lawn suits as well as light and dark colours combination such as deep red, yellow, blue, pink, orange purple, black, magenta and green. Dresses fabric brilliantly designed & stitched by Ms. Shazia and their team. Photography by Deevees and Zainulabidin. Hair and Make-up work eleagantly done by Munazza at Deevees and KR Crew.

Moon Textiles is a well-known clothing brand based in Faisalabad but selling products nationwide as well as internationally. They produce high quality of fabric since 1980. Moon Textiles always believe in setting new trends and style as per requirement of new generation. They launched their dresses collection Nationwide in this summer. Moon Textiles product lines include: Trends, Batik Lawn, Batik Chiffon, Barkha Lawn, Barkha Chiffon and the totally latest and fashionable Swiss products that they are introducing this year “Swiss Voile & Swiss Voile Crinkle Chiffon” as well as their new and exciting Digital Lawn.

Lets have a look on Barkha Lawn 2013 Collection by Moon Textiles:-

Barkha Lawn 2013 collection by Moon Textiles

Lets have a look on Batik Lawn 2013 Collection by Moon Textiles:-

Batik Lawn 2013 Collection by Moon Textiles

Lets have a look on Batik Chiffon 2013 Collection by Moon Textiles:-

Batik Chiffon 2013 collection by Moon Textiles

I hope you must have plan now to purchase Moon Textiles dresses after viewing the complete Collection. So Lets find here nearest store where you can buy Moon Textiles dresses.

Bille Di Hatti
Main Bazar
Mob: 03219805363
Mazhar Butt
Sun Shine Cloth
Mob: 03336466712
National Cloth
Mob: 03216466712
Khyber Cloth
Ph: 0966732373
Abid Cloth
Ph: 0966719592
Riaz Centre
Gole Chiniot Bazar
Ph: 0412600578-2645417
Chaukat Fabrics:
Harianwala Chock
Ph: 0418729300
Ph: 0418729400
R.C.G. The Clothing Gallery
Kohinoor City
Ph: 0418543421
Ijaz Fabrics Jhal
Ph: 0418546387
Al Karam Sales Point
Millat Chowk
Ph: 0418580399
Faisal Cloth Jhal
Ph: 0418548491
Arslan Lawn Fair
Aminpur Bazar
Ph: 0412613998
Al-Maxxi Centre
Ph: 0413423477
Rafique Centre
Ph: 0463512421
Veeni Cloth House
Mob: 03009316618
Basri Cloth
Circular Road
Ph: 0554210161
Ph: 0554220880
Rafique Fabrics
Mob: 03076470247
Punjab Cloth
Ph: 0554216550
Master Fabrics
Satellite Town
Akram Butt Galley Dina Waall
Japan Cloth
Hafiz Fabrics
Ph: 0547520829
Siddique Bedding Store
Market Road Sarre Ghaat
Ph: 0222616331
Ph: 0222617729
Mujahid Dress Co.Fabrics
Mob: 03455484805
Kapaas Fabrics
Ph: 0512299639
Hassan Fabrics
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Usman Cloth
Rail Bazar
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Bashir Ahmed Saddiqui
Glamour Cloth House
Haidery Bazar
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New Karachi Sale Depot
Mall Road
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First Cloth
Ramzan Shah Center
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Haidery Bazar
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Memon Cloth
Shahi Bazar
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Pardeep Kumar
Haidery Bazar
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Sundas Cloth
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Haji Yaseen
Mob: 03023777818
Haji Ishaq
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Sharif Cloth
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Ghani Cloth House
Main Bazar Johar abad
Disc. Khushab
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S.S Traders
Azam Cloth Market
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Bhatti Cloth House
Baghwan Pura
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Malik Cloth
Liberty Al-Kareem Fabrics
Kareem Center
Kareem Block
Iqbal town
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Nisar Cloth
Orega Center
Main Blvd Lahore
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Usman Fabrics
Shad Bagh Lahore
Ph: 04237603560
Imran Fabrics
Shad Bagh Lahore
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Naeem Saleem Fabrics
Chah Meeran
Ph: 04237287351
Asif Cloth
Chah Meeran
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Sarfraz Fabrics
Ghari Shahu
Shoe Bazar
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Sahfaqat Cloth
Nikki Market
Mall Road
Mob: 03334255683
Imran Fabrics
Nikki Market
Mall Road
Ph: 04236360776
Imran Fabrics
Iqbal Town
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Cloth Trade Center
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Model Town
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Ayubia Fabrics
Model Town
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Sheikh Yaqoob and Sons
Model Town
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Al-Raheem Silk Center
Resham Gally
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Zameer Cloth House
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Laal Kurti
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Feroz Cloth House
Cloth Market
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Cloth Market Sakhar
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Shahi Bazar
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Ghareeb Abad warwar Cloth
Patashe wali Gally
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libas Mehal
Jinnah Road
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Block No.1
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Fashion Cloth
Urdu Bazar
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Alkaram Fabrics
Tilla Bazaar
Toba Tek Sing Center
Sadar Bazar
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Al-Zubair Garments & Textiles LLC
Al Ghuwair Market
Ph: 065633778
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Khalid Pervaiz Textile Trading LLC
Meena Bazaar
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Fajr Al Madina
Meena Bazaar
Ph: 009714352561

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  1. Excellent collection. All collection loooookkkkkssssss coool but i like especially Barkha Lawn Collection by Moon Textiles. Thanks for sharing.

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