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Miss & Mr. Pakistan World 2013

Miss & Mr. Pakistan World 2013 is one of the most prominent competitions where most beautiful ladies competing for one for the most prominent beauty title of Pakistan. Pakistan’s famous personalities Gule Sheikh and Azeem Pasha will host Miss & Mr. Pakistan World 2013 event. Nauman Ijaz will be the Guest of Honour.

The eleventh (11th) year of Miss Pakistan World and the third (3rd) year of Mr. Pakistan World will be held at the Mississauga’s Red Rose Convention Centre. This is the very good initiative to promote female empowerment.

This mega event will celebrate with dance and culture where contestants fight for the title of Miss Pakistan World and Mr. Pakistan World.

Miss/Mr. Pakistan World 2013

Pakistan’s most famous actor Naumaan Ijaz will be the Guest of Honour at the 11th Miss Pakistan World 2013 and 3rd Mr. Pakistan World 2013. The team of organizer welcomes Naumaan Ijaz as their Guest of Honor.

Three Beauty Queens such as Misbah Iqbal, Farah Mahmood and Naila Mir Afzal Khan would be honorable guests at Miss/Mr. Pakistan World 2013 to celebrate and memorize the event with dance and culture.

Misbah Iqbal

First ever crowned Mrs. Pakistan World Misbah Iqbal, making history in 2007. In 2002 Misbah Iqbal as a certified medical assistant graduate. She is currently attending the University of Houston, majoring in biology and minored in sociology and women’s studies. Her effortless, flawless, and striking beauty, she is the mother of three children, is currently in a different hospital emergency room nurses, and remains committed to her time at home with her family and friends.

Farah Mahmood

Sixth Mrs. Pakistan World was the Fahah Mahmood. She has a degree in English, is a personal trainer and has been happily married for 20 years with 4 children. Every portrait of her is so impeccable and spotless depicting her way to carry indisputably classy, elegant, and modish look.

Naila Mir Afzal

Naila Mir Afzal Khan, a former Miss Pakistan 2009 who participated in the Miss Tourism International 2009 pageant in Malaysia. Naila Mir Afzal Khan is also the recipient of Miss Perfect Ten title. She is currently working as a model at Orange Models and also works at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. Her beauty distribute elegant, syrupiness, tranquility and her overall feeling is so calm, and ultimately her success.

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