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Mentally Handicapped Kids are the Stars of Earth: Meera

Pakistan’s film industry senior actress Meera recently visited mentally handicapped children organization named “Darul Sukun” in Karachi. This event was organized by SR Productions.

On the eve of his visit, the actress was mixed those children; she spent time with the kids for a long time. Speaking on the occasion, I said I express engagements, despite the film have decided to participate in social events, special children’s day come in peace, I have found that it cannot be described in words, they mentally abnormal. They are impaired, but the stars of the earth, our souls as those who love seeing life feel.

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We forget to this special children in our busy lives, this world is temporary, if we accept the idea that our future, which planned to do anything in the world to be evergreens, we can make our eternity well, but also the sense of life is waking up, they should be encouraged as much a good thing. Meera said that she will start the funds raising campaign for Shafqat Hospital.

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SR productions CEO Sohail Rana has been appointed mentors of the fund raising campaign in Karachi where they will being fundraising for the special children.

Sohail Rana SR production in Karachi mentors appointed caretaker of the camp is set up in Karachi and fundraising will begin, we’ll start building up in the hospital, I hope I get to your goal quickly. We will soon meet with the members of Chamber Commerce Industry for fundraising campaign. Sohail Rana said, we all are with Meera for this noble mission and will cooperate with them firmly. Daruk Sukun head of department thanked to Meera for the arrival.

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