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Men’s Shalwar Kameez and Kurtas

Shalwar Kameez and Kurta Pajamas is the most traditional dress in men clothing of Pakistan. Embroidery work is very common nowadays in Men’s Shalwar Karmeez and Kurta’s Dresses.¬†Shalwar Kameez and Kurtas gaining popularity in all ages of men especially in young generation. Wearing Kurta Pajama or Shalwar Kameez has become a fashion in Pakistan. Eid is the special ocassion for Muslims where almost all Men’s wear Shalwar Kameez and Kurtas. Men wear different styles of Kurtas according to the event and ocassion. Men also prefer to wear Kurtas on the functions of wedding like mehndi and barat, Now it is used in offices on Friday, also it has become casual wearing for daily life.

Now different brands are availble in Pakistan for men traditional wearing. Some famous brands are Shahid Afridi, Junaid Jamshaid, Haroon, Bonanza, Gul Ahmad.

Here is a collection of Latest Kurtas and Shalwar Kameez Dresses for Men:-

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