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Meera announces to build Charity Hospital

Lollywood actress Meera, motivated by the Imran Khan’s (Pakistani cricketer turned Politian) most honorable effort of constructing Pakistan’s one and only free cancer hospital “Shaukat Khanum” in Lahore. Now Meera had decided to build its own charitable hospital in her ancestral town Haroonabad.

Meera admits to following Imran Khan’s footsteps by opening up a free cancer hospital in Haroonabad for the needy people. Nowadays she is busy to raise funds for the construction of charity hospital in her own area.

Pakistani Actress Meera

Meera said in an Interview that took place at Pearl Continental Hotel:

It wasn’t really my dream to open a hospital, since my family has been pressurising me to get married.

She says: It just happened accidentally. I was recently on a tour of the US and Canada where I met with the doctors’ association. They wanted to support me in this cause. I never knew people would trust me so much and support my cause.

The tear appears in Meera eyes during the Interview:

Meera said: I never had the confidence in me to do this but the respect that people have given me is overwhelming. Their positive response is what encouraged me.”

Meera admits to following Imran Khan’s footsteps by opening up a free cancer hospital in Haroonabad for the needy people.

Imran Khan is definitely an inspiration behind my hospital project. Pakistan needs more Imran Khans in other fields, too. My hospital will also provide free cardio services to the impoverished people of Haroonabad.

If you look at the West, a dog has a respectful life there, so does a cat! But here we don’t even value a human’s life. Imran Khan is right in saying that we don’t love ourselves enough.


  1. Meera have nothing to do, so she dream about that to get fame or you can say to be notice in the media eyes. She is sooooooo cheapppp infact fully freee 🙂

  2. She said the truth actually. It is always doctors’ lobby which is behind big charity hospitals. And doctors are the biggest beneficiaries of such projects. Though these hospitals might help the poor to access health facilities but the real problem lies with the institution, i.e. government’s health departments, and without fixing it no sustainable solution can be achieved.

  3. Rommel Rebellion

    lo g meera aunty k taangein qabar mein hain …aur wo abhi bhi chawlein maar rahi hain…

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