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Maria Wasti Dramas, Wedding Pics & Biography

Maria Wasti is a Pakistani actress and television actress. Most of her roles in TV dramas portray her as a Pakistani woman going through difficult times and have landed her guest respect in the eyes of critics and fans alike. She has worked in many dramas and has won many awards.

Maria Wasti Early Life

Maria Wasti was born on 14th August, 1980. She is a born of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. She went to school for seven years. She has originally wanted to study Business Management but instead started acting by chance. In her early days, Maria Wasti parents wanted their daughter to become a doctor. In that day, the only channel in Pakistan was PTV.

Maria Wasti Personal Life

Maria Wasti and Ayesha Omer have been involved in scandals which were spread over the internet. Their bikini pictures were posted over the internet in which Maria Wasti and Ayesha Omer seen in bold clothes, wear short bikini in the Thailand beach during their tour at Thailand. There is no news over the internet related to Maria Wasti wedding, engagement or relationships, people are still waiting to see the beautiful actress in a bridal dress.

Maria Wasti Professional Career

Maria Wasti was approached by Bakhtiar Ahmed in mid 1990’s for a play named Sarah Aur Ammara. Her performance in that play was very much praised by the viewers. The first channel of Pakistan PTV was looking for young and energetic talent for working in drama serials and plays. Maria Wasti got interested in acting and made her career in the same field. There are very few people in the world that stepped into acting profession and gained name and fame with their first acting. Maria Wasti is one of them because her first play has been so successful. She has worked in many dramas, some of them are:

  • Kabhi kabhi
  • Moorat
  • Boota fron toba tek singh
  • Dharkan
  • Buri aurat
  • Ruswa
  • Dil
  • Kalmohi
  • Ain
  • Mohabbat
  • Behkawa
  • Sheeshy ka mehal
  • Meri ladli
  • Tere liye
  • Riyasat
  • Khandaan
  • Band naje ga
  • Who chaar
  • Rehai
  • Aangan bhar chandni
  • Kallo
  • Ae bhai zara daikh kay

Maria Wasti has worked in many drama serials and has won many awards for her acting skills.

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