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Maram & Aabroo Salon: The Marvel Duo

Maram Azmat and Aabroo Hashimi have been an integral part of the local fashion industry since 2005. Over the years, they have created a niche for themselves in the field of fashion and commercial photography, working with many leading designers and models and being printed in all major publications in Pakistan. The duo has been involved with runway shows, television, music videos and films and were recently chosen to do makeup for all three days of the recently held PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week.

The entrance was bright aqua blue, the landing was a deeper shade of teal, the living room was a pale blue and she had stenciled on the walls with a dark teal blue and it looked great. We feel blue has a very calming effect and it doesn’t need much decoration on top.

Maram & Aabroo Salon Lahore

The Colour Ideology of Maram & Aabroo

We love grey – it is always our first choice. Grey brings out the detail in everything so much better than any other colour and in front of grey, even dull colours tend to pop out. It has its own muted quality and does not overpower anything else. We’ve gone through a lot of changes with our older studio in Jauhar Town. The walls there have been bright red, ice blue, dark brown and ivory. We keep changing because we need sets and every wants a regal looking place.

We have been painting our rooms since we met in college. We also painted the landing in Maram’s house ourselves where the ceiling is about 20 feet high. Paint has been a very important part of our lives and a lot of our time has been spent redoing our spaces because we enjoy doing that a lot. We feel it’s therapeutic. Our signature style is very vintage. Even for brides, our personal preference is to go with a vintage look. We love working with red – even in the olden times, red was the chosen colour for a bride. It really adds a very festive touch.

The theme for the shoot we did recently with Reema for the PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week was love – pure and simple. No one plays love like Reema. She hooks you with her beauty and reels you in with her performance. Shot in the classic setting of the haveli in the heart of the old city, we chose to go with soft, diffused lighting – emulating natural light to further enhance the mood of the scene.

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