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ITTEHAD Linen Winter Collection 2013-2014

ITTEHAD Winter Collection 2013 2014House of Ittehad has launched Ittehad Linen Collection 2013-2014 for winter season on September 28, 2013. Ittehad Linen Collection 2013-2014 is ready for sale at all House of Ittehad outlets nationwide. Get a head start on the crowd by shopping Ittehad Linen Collection 2013 at House of Ittehad flagship stores. Here’s to kicking off the new season in the chicest way possible.

Ittehad Linen Winter Collection 2013-2014 restrains wide range particularly designed according to the latest trend of Pakistan fashion industry. House of Ittehad latest Linen collection includes fashion cuts are a combination of geometrical patterns and subtle color palette.

Ittehad Linen Collection 2013-2014 guaranteed to stir the attention of all the women because it includes beautiful pieces of dresses designs which suits to your personality perfectly. The collection includes three piece suits like shirt piece, dupatta piece and shalwar piece. The dresses are brilliantly printed as per the latest fashion trend.

Wherever there is a design that is highly succesful in a broad range of similar environments, it is apt to emerge again and again, independently- the phenomenon known in biology as convergent evolution. We call these designs “GOOD TRICK”.

As long as there is a wide range of winter designs that is very successful and widespread similar environments, it is prone to over and over again, independent of the phenomenon known as convergent evolution biology.

ITTEHAD Winter Collection 2013 2014

Let’s have a look on latest Ittehad Linen Collection 2013-2014 for Winter:-

Ittehad Group of Industries is the name of excellence and uniqueness. The fashion label established in 1973 and since they are producing finest quality clothes in affordable prices. The brand has millions of customers worldwide. They make the dresses which every woman wants. Ittehad Group of Industries has an widespread clothes manufacturing network. They have its own spinning unit, weaving unit, printing and embroidery units. House of Ittehad clothing brand deals in women wear, men wear and home accessories.

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