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Indonesian Fashion Designer and Pakistani Model married

Pakistani model Tashvin Bajaj has been married with an Indonesian girl Amna recently. They speaks and chatting each other on Facebook for long time and after deep understanding the couple has been decided to tie the knots.

The Indonesian fashion designer Amna has been left her home and parents, and came to Pakistan to meet and get united with her love Tashvin Bajaj.

Indonesian Fashion Designer and Pakistani Model Wedding

Pakistani model Tashvin Bajaj said:

Tashvin Bajaj confirmed that at first they became friends on social media website Facebook but later they developed a deeper understanding and decided to marry. Everyone is saying like Facebook is a fake book but not for me and Amna.

Indonesian Fashion Designer Amna said:

My parents came to Thailand with her but from there she traveled to Pakistan alone. They are very happy for my decision to marry with Pakistani model Tashvin Bajaj. I love my husband so much you know. I love Pakistan also, very great country.

Our heartiest and warmest best wishes to the newly married couple Tashvin Bajaj and Amna. May Allah Ta’ala bless them. Ameen.

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