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How to Make House Beautiful – Home Decoration Tips

Home, the spot of earth supremely blest a dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest”
Robert Montgomery

Home is the most important place for a human being where everyone spends most time of his life. Home is not only just a place where you live, but it represents you, your family and your living standard. Now a day everyone wants to be superior to others. So your home is the main place which exactly describes you and your standard of living. Beautiful home just not means that it should be large or have several rooms. In fact, beautiful house requires great interior designing.

Interior designing is not a simple thing to do, it is a complete art. Every place of home requires a unique type of decoration. To make your house beautiful you have to need decorate all the places of your house including bed room, TV lounge, drawing room, kitchen, study room etc.  To purchase luxury items for your house is not interior designing, interior designing is art to place your luxury items in a professional way that enhances the beauty of the goods and your home. Before starting the decoration of your home you must keep following points in your mind;

  • First of all you have to allocate a budget for your interior designing.
  • Decorate every place of house equally. It is not a good idea that you decorate drawing room heavily and give less attention to other rooms. If someone visit your complete house then he should find every room special not just one room.
  • You should utilize the whole space of your house.
  • If your budget allows then you can hire the services of a professional interior designer.
  • Select different wall papers, paintings, curtains, carpet and furniture in the same color scheme.

Now the time to start decorating your home,

home decoration tips

Choosing a Colour

Start from the colour selection for the walls, It is one of the most important thing for interior decoration. The wall colour plays vital role in the beauty of your house. Different colour indicates different feelings and mood. Entire room should be coloured lightly while use medium colours for moderation and use dark colours to highlight any part of the room. Keep it in mind that don’t purchase paint or distemper on the basis as it looks in the shop, some time it gives different colour on the wall in real. So you should be very careful in selecting paint colour.

Decorate TV Lounge

The TV lounge is the first view that a visitor has watch in your house. The TV room should be well designed that make a lasting impression on the guest. TV room indicates your personality and choice. You should make seating arrangements in such a decent way that TV will visible to all the seats. There should be table placed in front of the seats. Selection of seats and table is up to your choice but it should be colorful and elegant. You should use wall sceneries and paintings to decorate your TV room further. Quranic Versus or Islamic paintings can be best option for TV lounge. Light plays major role in the beauty of TV lounge so you should use stylish lights in the room, especially a fanoos should be hanged in the center of the roof.

Decorate a Living Room

Living room that can be a bed room too is the place where you spend your maximum time while staying in your house. It should be decorated in a decent way. Bed should be well placed and if you have TV in the room then seating should be placed according to the position of TV. The colour of furniture and curtains should be in matching with wall colour. You can use a large family photo frame on wall to make wall beautiful and eye catching. If you are newly married couple the couple picture will be best option for the wall. You can place a lamp on the side table of the Bed. On other side table you can place a small frame of your photo.

Decorate a Kitchen

It is common saying that a kitchen represents the personality of the women of the house. So kitchen decoration is really important for the females of the house. Wood work dominates the kitchen decoration. Usually dark wood colours used in kitchen. Crockery should be placed on the right place, placement of oven and refrigerator is also important. You should keep this point in your point that decoration is art of the placement of the goods in a great way. So be careful in placing your kitchen items

Essential of the Decoration

In this section we will discuss different essentials of house decoration. Some time we neglect these things but it can do wonder in the beauty of your house if you used them in a good way, these essentials are as follows;

Greenery and Flowers: Greenery makes your house lively and fresh; flowers fill your house with the natural colours and increase the beauty of your house. So you should use place plants and flowers in your house according to your house design.

Curtains: Curtains should be in matching with walls and furniture of the room.

Flooring: Mostly people neglect to decorate the flooring of house, flooring is much important as the walls of a house. Flooring also can make your house beautiful so don’t neglect it.

Art for the Walls:  Use of beautiful art paintings can make your room more beautiful. Hanging paintings on your wall make it attractive.


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