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How to Keep The Garden Green in Summers

The Garden is the first thing people notice when they visit a house a garden reflects the image of the homeowner an an unkempt garden leaves an indecent and unsophisticated image . Therefore keeping a garden lush and beautiful must be an owners’ priority, during the hot summers the sunlight and the heat damages the lawn and the lawn becomes scarcely in need of water and looking after.

How to Keep The Garden Green in Summers
Looking after the grass

It’s important for gardeners know their soil type before they start watering it whether its loamy, sandy or clay soil. Sandy soil needs watering more often , every two days as it is very dry. Clay soil can be watered after three to four days while, loamy soil after six to eight days. While watering it must be made sure that the water penetrates eight to ten inches and gardeners must not over water the grass as it will take away the fertilizers and other pesticides in the grass. Its also important to measure the water level while watering the plants .

Grow it Yourself:

In the summer many fruits and vegetables like cucumber can be grown to make the garden green and also productive.Cucumber is a warm seasoned crop whose seeds are easily available and easily..Soil should be well fertilized before and after seeding.The soil should be well pressed before and after seeding . The fertilizer should preferably be organic and the plants should be filled with emulsion every 10 days to support the crop. Bush beans and corns are very easy to grow from seed and are warm temperature crops.


The toughest flowers can stand the sun in extreme heat.There are some flowers which require little looking after and are are convenient for a summer garden to add beauty and color to it. Blanket flower is a beautiful yellow,maroon or red flower which is ideal for a hot summer garden. The red valerian is an a beautiful flower with several tiny petals coming together in small bushy caps. It requires strong or partial and has a mild yet beautiful fragrance and grows mainly from late June. The brightest and most beautiful flower for summer is the moon beam which is a bright yellow and remains from June to frost and thus can survive extreme temperatures.These flavors don’t require a well maintained soil and last well in the summers.

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