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Henna Powder Recipe for Hair Dye

Henna is not only beneficial to wrap gray or white hair but also worked for making your hair strong, shiny and thickens. Henna is the most beneficial plant in Pakistan, using to enhance the beauty and strong your hair. Henna is also having a remarkable cooling effect which is also good for health. Here we are sharing with you a number of benefits of Henna.

Healthy Hair

To get healthy, shiny and thick hair, you must apply henna twice a month, it will restore the health of your hair which has been removed, and the damage is over. Impact henna acid balance is at the head and the hair does not affect the natural ratio.

Henna as Hair Conditioner

Henna herb is also an outstanding conditioner. It makes the great protective layer on your hair which protects your hair from pollution and sunlight. The regular use of henna plant makes your hair strong and healthy always. Keep henna paste on your hair for an hour, it will improve the texture and give your great result.

Henna for Beautiful Hair

Hide Hair Whiteness

If you want to colour your hair without having any side effects, then henna is the best herb which will give you desired results without any loss. There are no acids or harmful ingredients in henna paste.
In hot water, add two spoons dry amla, add a tablespoon of henna with leaf paste made out on leave for two hours, then your graying black shiny color will change.

Henna for Dandruff

Henna is also effective for dandruff, one or two teaspoons of greenback seeds soaked overnight in water and grind them take place in the morning, warm mustard oil and henna leaves and after cooling, add the greenback paste leave in the hair for an hour and then took its toll on the skull land, you will be surprised to see the results.

Mehndi Designs for Hands

Henna paste is also very useful to enhance the beauty of women when they have to go on parties, weddings and other religious events. It gives great beauty effect for its users. You can check here mehndi designs collection for hands, arms and foot.

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