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Hair Fall Treatment and Tips for Drying/Combing Hair

Healthy, dense and silky hairs make our personality incredibly attractive and attention grabbing. For acquiring and maintaining this attractiveness, we should be aware of different methods of taking good care of our hair. Some doctors have given several suggestions and tips for making hair more and more strong and healthy, but first of all, we should know the reasons of hair fall.

There are many reasons of hair fall, which includes unbalanced diet, depression and above all your negligence towards your hair. If your hair are falling down and becoming so much rough, dry and dead then the one and only solution of this problem is to provide them required well balanced diet for fulfilling their nutritional needs.

Hair Fall Treatment and Tips for Drying/Combing Hair

Proteins play a vital role in preventing hair fall and hair dryness, roughness or weakness. Including yogurt or buttermilk in your daily diet would play its role as hair tonic for you and if you would keep it using for long time, it would fulfill the deficiency of iron and make your hair improved and healthier. Milk and other milk made products are guarantors of your hair preservation and hair fall.


Suggestions for drying hair after washing are given below:

  • Prevent rubbing your hair with a rough towel.
  • Dry your hair by wrapping them in a little hot towel.
  • Scatter the hair separately with the help of your fingers.
  • Start scattering from joints/ends, not from roots.
  • Don’t let the hair conjoin at a particular place.

By following the above given instructions, you can dry your hair without facing any danger of being damaged.


Few suggestions for drying hair after washing are given below:

If your hairs get merged with each other, treat them gently so that you could let them free without any breakage.

  • Use comb/brush with wide jaws.
  • At first, start combing from the ends of your hair and end at the roots.
  • When hairs get balanced and straighten, then draw your comb towards hair endings softly.

I hope that the above given tips and suggestion will be quite helpful managing your hair properly.

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