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Faysal Qureshi Wedding, Wife, Pics & Profile

Faisal Qureshi” A name synonymous in the Pakistan Drama Industry with talent, versatility & accomplishment. Faysal is a man who needs no introduction as he is a household name among Pakistanis. With a career spanning over twenty-tow years (Faysal was a renowned child star); he has won the hearts of his fans with his incredible & memorable performances. Boota from Toba Teke Singh, Meri Zaat Zaree Benishaan, Manno Salva, Manne Na Ya Dil, Qaid-e-Tanhai, Roug, Sabz Pari Laal Qubootar, are just a drop in the ocean of an exemplary and multi-award winning career.

Faisal Qureshi Wedding History / Relationships

Pakistani Actor, Model and Director Fiasal Qureshi married three times. Firstly, he got married at very early age of his life, 18 but this marriage do not continue long, and after 3 years of his first marriage, Faisal divorced his first wife. He has one cute daughter from his first wife. Faisal got married second time at the young age 24, with Ayesha Agha but unfortunately this marriage also couldn’t continue long, and Ayesha got divorced from Faisal right after 18 months. He has a son from his second wife Ayesha. Now Faisal has been married third time with Sana in 2010 and still living with his third wife.

Faisal Qureshi Career

As an Actor, Faysal finds the role of Bashar Momin to be a landmark in the array of characters he has played. Faysal hopes the audience will welcome Bashar to their TV screens just as they have done so with his characters in the past. Known to be exceptionally humble, Faysal appreciates his co-actors for their cooperation and sacrifices in Bashar Momin and claims that he learns from them, even though the immediate cast consists of his juniors.

As a producer, Faysal thanks his team, his director, his crew, his cast & his business partners for their faith and dedication to the project. A seeming risk, Faysal believes that the Pakistani audience is ready for something creatively out-of-the-box, hance for him it is a risk worth taking. After the love and support Faysal has received from his fans, he believes they deserve to be entertained with the highest of quality which is that Bashar Momin epitomizes. Every aspect of this drama exudes quality. Being the first of its kind, Bashar Momin is a project in which the highest amount of attention has been paid to every small details. Nothing has been compromised upon; from the script, the direction, cast, wardrobe, styling to the props. An earnest patriot, ‘The Best’ is what Faysal believes the Pakistani audience deserve. When questioned about his hopes for this project and his general motto in life… being a man of a few words, Faysal says one thing:” Believe”.

Born : October 26, 1973 (age 40)
Place of Birth : Lahore, Punjab
Residence : Karachi, Sindh
Nationality : Pakistani
Occupation : Actor, Model, Hosting
Married : Ayesha Agha, Sana
Daughter : Ayaat Qureshi

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