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Fashion Designer Shehla Chatoor and her Muse Ayesha Omar

Shehla Chatoor and her Muse Ayesha OmarWho’s Your Muse?

Featuring Fashion Designer Shehla Chatoor and her Muse, Ayesha Omar

The Muses in Greek mythology are the goddesses of literary, scientific and artistic inspiration. The Designer-Muse relationship has made its way to Pakistani Fashion, with some mind blowing results.


“Ayesha Omar carries my clothes so fabulously, be it on the red carpet or at award shows. Ayesha trusts my style sense, aesthetics and unique allure, and I love her easy going and fun personality, so it is always a pleasure to dress her! I thought it would be fun to dress her in a vintage Shehla gara jacket. I love age-old and timeless craft, so I revived antique gara embroidery on this jacket and added leather elements. We had a great time shooting and literall mad. It was difficult keeping a straight face!”


“I have always been a huge fan of Shehla’s clothes, be it her Eastern formals or her fusion wear. But what I love most are her red carpet creations – and she is always my first choice, especially at the LSA’s last year. I remember when I wore my first Shehla outfit. I felt so honoured and super confident, like I had achieved a huge feat of sorts. I love her cuts and the materials she uses and I love the way her creations drape on my body as I’m very petite and not everything suits my body type. Shehla is one designer who understands body types and skin tones very well and will dress you accordingly. She has a sense of occasion. Her accessories are just as elegant and super chic, and she will make sure she puts the whole look together for you right down to the shoes and bag. And on top of everything, she is a wonderful soul.”

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