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Step by Step Eye Makeup Guide for Hazel Eyes

Today we are sharing with you some best tips or tricks to apply eye makeup for hazel eyes. In this tutorial we will guide you how to do eye makeup for hazel eyes. To make the most of this appealing and ever-changing eye color, you need the right makeup colors and procedures to make your hazel eyes attractively modern. Play with the colors in your eyes that you want to bring out.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to do Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes Quickly?

Hazel Eyes Makeup Tips

Here below are following tips about Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes:-

1.   The first step is to apply proper Foundation or Base because this is the necessity things for eye makeup. This can be creme, powder and liquid. So before start applying eye makeup; you make sure to apply proper base.

2.   Some people may have some pimples and dark circles, if you have this then you must apply concealer on them before start applying eye makeup. We will go through the next step after applying the proper concealer.

After the basic prerequisites now we are moving to the basic tutorial for applying eye makeup for hazel eyes.

3.   First select your favorite eyelid primer before starting eye makeup. This is very important that you should first select your favorite eyelid primer before you begin with your eye makeup.

4.   If you have light brows, in that case we recommend that you use brown or black eyebrow pencil to fill them. The color of the pencil depends on the pencil shading of your eyebrows.

5.   Now we have covered all basic steps and going for most important steps. First choose your best eye shadow color which will suit your hazel eyes. We recommend you some trendy colors for hazel eyes that include brown, purple, deep green, gold and peaches. Basically you need to choose a color according to what color suit in your eyes and you wishes to draw out most. For example, Purple eye shadow can highlight the gray and green color in your eyes, and where as green eye shadow can highlight the green. Blue eye shadow can bring forth more blue and eye shadows that are too light or neutral may cause your eyes to look washed out. If you wish to apply neutral color eye shadow then must use strong eyeliner to include sharpness and refocus on the eye color. Purple always provides an elegant contrast to hazel, and it’s great for creating smoky eyes.

6.   The very crucial and most important step is to buy an eyeshadow pallet with the colors that you suppose best suits your eyes. We recommend you to choose one that includes a diversity of special shades that allow you to experiment.

7.   The trick is to first apply medium color on your lid. Blend well into the crease of your eyes.

8.   Afterward take the darkest color you desire to apply and blend it correctly into the crease of your eye.

9.   Now apply the second lightest color on the above portion of the crease color and blend it correctly into the dark color on the crease of your eyes.

10.  Finally, apply the lightest color in your color pallet or a lustrous white to your brow bone as a highlight. Now you have almost done all of important steps. Now blend all four colors jointly efficiently and clean up any errors.

11.  The last step is to take a brown liquid eyeliner and apply a medium-thick line near to your lash line. Now take a brown color eyeliner pencil and apply it to your water line. This is what eyeliner was made for you, basically defining your eyes.

We hope this step by step guide of eye makeup for hazel eyes will definitely help you to do this tough task at home easily and quickly.

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