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Coke Studio Season 6

Coca-Cola Pakistan announced on Wednesday dated 2nd October the sixth season of Coke Studio. Coke Studio season 6 will be start at mid of this month but the detailed schedule of the Coke Studio Season 6 will be released on October 6, 2013. The CS season 6 formats are modifying with eight shorter episodes on weekly basis with a 2 week muharram break in between. Coke Studio season six will feature some famous international recognized guest musicians from Turkey, Serbia, Pakistan, Norway, Italy, Morocco and Nepal.

Coke Studio Season 6 Episode 1 Complete Songs

Coke Studio season 6 will also features some famous artists from entertainment industry like Zoe Viccaji, Zeb & Haniya, Zara Madani, Umair Jaswal, Sumru Ağıryürüyen, Sanam Marvi, Saieen Zahoor, Rustam Fateh Ali Khan, Rostam Mirlashari, Muazzam Ali Khan, Fariha Pervez, Asad Abbas, Ali Azmat, Alamgir, Atif Aslam, Ayesha Omar and Abrar-ul Haq.

Coke Studio Season 6

The house band of Coke Studio for Season 6 features Omran Shafique on guitar and Zoe Viccaji and Rachel Viccaji on backing vocals, Sikandar Mufti on percussions and drums, Louis ‘Gumby’ Pinto on drums, Kamran ‘Mannu’ Zafar on bass, Jaffer Zaidi on keyboards, Babar Ali Khanna on dholak and Asad Ahmed on guitar.

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The real challenge is to get Coke Studio off the events and breathe a new sound into it. Indian Coke Studio had a miraculous recovery and so should we Coke Studio season 6. Coke Studio Season 6 will incorporate global music influences spanning from Fes, Morocco, to the Balkans, the Ottoman, and Kathmandu, Nepal.

Louis ‘Gumby’ Pinto on drums come back is not surprising and will be impactful. After all Farhad Humayun tried to have Pepsi and Coke at the same time. Ustaad Mahmand loond a ‘Burendo’ and ‘Tamboora’ player from Tharparkar will be featured. He can play 3 instruments at a time.

Rizwan U. Khan, General Manager of Coca-Cola Pakistan said while Speaking about Coke Studio:

At Coca-Cola we pride ourselves on being on the forefront of new and dynamic innovations, and we can say with confidence that Coke Studio is precisely that. With this season Coke Studio embraces and espouses an even more global identity, fusing it in harmony with Pakistan’s heritage. We all look forward to bringing another groundbreaking season of Coke Studio to the nation.

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  1. I m woman from USA… and I love music especially have become very fond of Pakistani music I listen to coke studio music whether it be from the young rappers to the elders or singing ghazals….no matter what is sung in coke studio it is all beautiful….and all of u gentlemen in the coke studio band and back up singers are commended for the fantastic artwork u put into your music….the love of music brings all together and in the past year and half I have come to love the Pakistani music much and enjoyed this video on making of season 6…blessings to all for a fruitful life….

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