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How to Control Obesity – Obesity Treatment

Obesity Treatment and Control Obesity

For the last some years, everybody has to face the problem of obesity. It has undesirable effect on body that leads to reduce the life expectancy. In short form we can say that in 21st century it is one of the most fatal, severe and serious public health problems. In history it was considered as a symbol of wealth. In ... Read More »

Secrets of Staying Hale & Hearty during Winter Season

Hale and Hearty during Winter Season

With the evolution and origin of any new season, daily life routine gets changed. This weather and environmental evolution affects the life schedule of us. We feel to be more giddy (lazy) during winter season. This is due to the faintness hover over us by this magical season – the winter. For the sake of getting rid of all of ... Read More »

Diet Plan for Ramadan

Diet Plan for Iftari and Sehri

Ramadan is a gift for Muslims from GOD. It is ninth month of Muslim calendar and during this month the Muslims observe the Fast of Ramadan. The month of Ramadan is a great opportunity to focus on bringing back a balanced and healthy lifestyle in our life. Through fasting you begin to learn how to manage your eating habits, how ... Read More »

Benefits of Morning Walk

Morning walk is one of the simplest exercises which benefit your body as well as your mind. Morning walk helps in stretching your mind and soul as well. It is dynamic mind and body process which creates sense of rhythm. As, some silent rhythms exist in our own body, like the pulse of life, our heartbeat make you a complete ... Read More »

Body Massage: Health Benefits of SPA

There are different types of Spas but one thing is sure that every Spa offers you a lot of health benefits. Spas can bring a healthy life style in your daily life. Spa can reduce your stress, can improve your health, relaxes you mentally, can help to lose your weight, can detoxified you, help to give you young look, helps ... Read More »

Fructose consumption can lead to obesity and diabetes

We all know that people are getting fatter and suffering from different kinds of diseases because of a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. An IMSS study has shown that eating foods with fructose increases the risk for heart disease, diabetes and overweight. Fructose is a form of sugar found in fruits, vegetables and honey, which is often used to flavor ... Read More »

Benefits of Yoga Exercises

Yoga is an exercise type which has major effects on our body and mind. Yoga is the spiritual fitness and relaxation practice. It was practiced by the religious people about 5000 years ago. Though, the origin was the East but the practice of yoga is more in the west. In fact western world takes the yoga as a trend. Medical ... Read More »

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair is an important part of our appearance. A good hair style and healthy hairs can make our appearance good and attractive. But when we lost our hairs, we automatically lost confident and our personality doesn’t remain impressive. Hair fall is a common problem that men and women face these days. There can be different reasons for hair fall that ... Read More »

Best Oily Skin Care Tips

Best tips for oily skin

There are different types of skin. Skin may be normal, dry or oily. Some people have oily skin because their skin cells secrets oil naturally. Especially T-zone (that includes forehead, nose, upper lips and chin) becomes oily. Here we are sharing with you some superb tips to get rid of oily skin. 1. Treatment masks: Make a mixture of rosewater, ... Read More »

Importance of Exercise for Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. According to Harvard Men’s Health Watch report, regular exercise can bring remarkable changes to your body, metabolism and heart. Exercise not only makes you physically strong, it also improves your mental health. Daily exercise also helps to improve your digestive system. For the greatest overall health benefits, experts recommend that you ... Read More »