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After Captain Naveed, Meera affair with American Doctor Asad

Pakistani Actress Meera and alleged to be caused by differences between her husband Captain Naveed, now Bengali Hasina Meera has been in the close relationships with American doctor named Asad. The news spread over the Internet for last few days that Meera nowadays is very close with US doctor Asad.

According to the sources, the friendship between Asad and Meera is going to close whenever Asad gives Twenty Five Thousand US Dollar (USD $25,000) charity for Meera’s hospital, and he also encourages to complete this hospital project to the needy people of Pakistan.

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Meera affair with US Doctor Asad

During her visits in America, Pakistani actress Meera and Dr. Asad often meet and lived at different places in the United States. This was the reason of fight between Captain Naveed and Meera because of increasing friendship between the two. According to the sources, once time doctor Asad gives first class plane ticket to Meera to spend some time with her.

When we contacted the actress in this series, she also had refused to talk in this regard. She said some people are trying to harm my hospital project and they spread this type of news, but now my goal is to make the hospital the rest will make every case.

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