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Blonde Hair Color Ideas by Celebrities

Finally an answer to the age-old question – from the celebrities and socialites who have chosen to take the plunge with their hair colours!

Celebrities Blonde Hair Color

Ayesha Hashwani – Fashion Designer

I’m not a natural blonde but I think I manage to have as much fun! The minute I go a bit darker, I’m miserable. There’s nothing like a good tan and a great hair colour!

Khadijah Shah – Creative Director, ELAN

Dying my hair ombre gave me an instant kick. I feel the Bohemian California beach-girl vibe.

Iqraa Mansha – CEO, Nishat Hotels and Properties

It’s your energy, not your hair colour, that dictates how much fun you have!

Amber Liaqat – Image Consultant

Oh yes, life is better blonde. Blondes are the center of attention. Luckily, my blonde hair suits my complexion. It could’ve been a disaster, otherwise, like Kim Kardashian.

Zahra Ayub – Stylist and Blogger

I wanted to keep my natural hair colour for my wedding. As soon as that was over, it’s the fist appointment I made. Blonde hair is fun and easier to deal with – messy blonde hair looks great but messy dark hair just looks unkempt and untidy.

Marium Hamid Ali Khan – Socialite and Psychotherapist

I went lighter in my teens. I loved the bold and daring streaks of Brooke Burke and Daisy Fuentes. Of course blondes have more fun – that’s why blondes stay blonde!

Sara Irfan – Socialite

It’s definitely fun when heads turn. I don’t think I would want to be a brunette again!

Iraj Manzoor – Model

I could have dyed my hair blue and probably still have loved it and had fun. I wanted something that compliments my natural sun-kissed skin tone so I went lighter. Someone told me I look Brazilian now.

Farah Karim – Regional Franchise Manager, Revlon Pakistan

I know I wanted to be blonde since I was eighteen. Blonde hair compliments my skin tone and I haven’t turned back.

Hira Hashmi Sheikh – Socialite

Blondes have as much fun as brunettes do. I can’t wear leopard print anymore though!

Aliya Saadat Ali

I am a natural blonde. My sisters have even lighter hair. One has fun no matter what one’s hair colour is… But just don’t act dumb because you’re blonde!

Fuzzy Faruque – Brand Manager, Studio X

I’m in love with my new look – it’s made me more confident! Saeeda from Toni & Guy is the only one I trust with my hair.

Sarah Tabani – Business Manager, Sania Maskatiya

Yes! Blondes have more fun. It was a totally spontaneous decision to dye my hair… A friend said it looked like I had dipped my hair in Dulux Paint! Haha.

Khush Mom Pasha – Architect

Yes, blondes definitely have more fun. I went lighter because I was sich of having the same look as everyone else. People say I look older now.

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