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Best Beauty Tips for Eyelashes

Eyelashes are one of the appealing attributes of the eyes and everyone should take care of this. Eyelashes protect the eyes from garbage and perform some of the best functions. Nowadays most of the women strive to get long, chunky and full eyelashes to look attractive and eye catching. Maintaining eyelashes should be a routine work to take care of your eyelashes. Here we are sharing with you some best beauty tips to get beautiful eyelashes.

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1.    By the time when you go to bed for sleep; must condition your eyelash. Eyelashes tend to smash easily when they get dry. Before you get to bed; make it a point to remove makeup. Remove your mascara from the eyelashes. Hold the cotton swab and allow some butterfly kisses by fluttering your lashes for some seconds. Another easy way is to put some petroleum jelly on small cotton clean and rub it on your eyelashes softly. We recommend you to apply castor oil before you going to sleep for beautiful and long lashes.

2.    We recommend you must use an eyelash curler before applying a mascara to get attractive and curled look of your eyelashes. When you apply it in the right way, it will give you a pure natural look; it also allows no clumping of lashes.

3.    We also recommend that make sure you coat both the top and bottom of your eyelashes. Begin by coating the eyelashes gently with the use of power. The power will help to remain the mascara when you will apply.
Must make sure you do not hold the mascara brush for long, on the contrary, as an alternative, swing the brush to apply mascara. Apply mascara on both top and cotton coats.

We hope this beauty tips for eyelashes will help you. Please give us your feedback by commenting at the bottom of this article.

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