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Ayesha Omar refused to wear Abaya or Hijab

Pakistani renowned model, legend actress and singer Ayesha Omar has discarded to wear Abaya which is also called Muslim Women Hijab. She discarded to be dressed in Hijab or Abaya in modeling.

According to sources, she has been offered to perform modeling in Pakistani television commercial and the commercial demand is to wear Abaya but Ayesha Omar discarded to wear Abaya or Hijab in Modeling. So she refused this offer of modeling to dressed in Abaya or Hijab because according to Ayesha, she does not want do modeling in Abaya.

Pakistani Actress Ayesha Omar Pictures

Ayesha Omar, the Pakistani drama serial ‘Bulbulay’ famed actress also disagree that she is moody actress and working according to her own framework of mind.

Ayesha Omar also said during an interview that she takes satisfaction in job as a modeling, acting or singing. Party was causal a handsome amount to Ayesha which was according to her constraint, Media reports statement. Few days before, Ayesha Omar was highly praised by her supporters for refusing Bollywood offer but let’s see how her fans react about this news of discarded to be dressed in Abaya.

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