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How to Apply Fake or False Eyelashes

Today we are sharing with you Step by Step guide to apply Fake or False Lashes. There are many different tutorials are available on Internet for applying Fake or False Lashes. But we are shortlisted best and simple way to apply fake lashes.

Fake False Lashes

You can do this easily by following these simple steps.

1.   You need to first choose best eyelashes which you thank appropriate and suite your personality.

2.   If the fake lashes are wider than your eyes then trim it lash by lash from one side. You can shorten the lashes; but it is totally upon your choice that you wish to choose appropriate style or size of lashes to look more natural or attractive.

3.   Apply carefully some eyelashes glue on your palm and run the fake lashes beside it.

4.   Drive a little bit on the lashes to make the glue less liquid before you apply it.

5.   Use tweezers to pick up the lashes to make them as close as possible to the natural lash line of your eyes.

6.   Carefully hold the lashes by pressing the sides in place about one minute. This gives the enough time to glue to dry out. This will not fall off when you release your fingers from lashes.

7.   Now you need to apply some mascara as per your requirement on your natural and fake lashes, making them bonded together.

8.   Last step; fill gaps using eyeliner between the natural lashes and fake lashes.

We hope that this simple steps for apply fake or false lashes tutorial will help you to this complex task easily at home.

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