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Abaya Fashion: Latest Abaya Styles

Abayas are the traditional wearing for Muslim women, it is essential wearing of Arabic women but now it is getting popularity in other parts of the world especially in South Asian countries, usually Abayas are worn for the purpose to cover the body but face, hands and feet are visible. But some women also wear veil on the face and gloves on hands to hide their complete body.

Now, Abayas is not just a cultural wearing to cover the body but it also becomes a part of fashion. A large variety of Abayas is available in the market. You can use simple Abayas for casual wear, fancy Abayas for formal wear and party wear. Trend of Abayas wearing is increasing in Muslim women, different designers present their collection. Arabic Abayas are the most famous in whole world especially Abayas from UAE.  UAE and Dubai Abayas have a superb fabric quality and also more stylish than others.

Latest Abaya Collection

Styles of Abayas

Different styles of Abayas are used in different area according to local culture and tradition and climate. Here we bring a short overview of different styles of different countries.

Fancy Abayas: Fancy Abaya trend is increasing in Muslim women day by day. It is mostly used in Dubai, Sharjah, Pakistan and India. It is used for formal wearing and party wearing.

Embroidered Abayas: It is the most popular in Pakistan that is mostly used in daily life and also formal wearing. This style has a graceful embroidery designs that make Abaya more stylish.

Jilbab Abayas: jilbab is mostly used in Arab countires, Jilbab is long and loose fitting abayas that cover the whole body.

Bushiyya Abayas: This style is also common in Arab countries. In this style head and forehead is tightly covered with a scarf.

Gulf Style Abayas: This style of Abaya is mostly used in Gulf region like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, and Iraq.  But trend of Gulf Style Abaya is commonly increasing in Muslim women of Pakistan and India. This style is usually available in black colours and covers head to feet.


  1. the Gulf style….is SO NOT THE GULF STYLE!!!its like 15 year old…today the belts,wearing printed scarfs,minimal embroider shaia with head cover..for nakab the always famous cat eyes nakab is in..last season the (thats wt i call) batman style abaya was in..now its like a loose kaftan drapped over u with very little embroidery at front

  2. Nice Abayas Collection but it is not available easily in Pakistan, its really very strange because Pakistan is one of the major Islamic country but its very hard to find out Abayas in Pakistan.

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