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8 Waxing Tips for Beginners at Home

No one wants to live in the hustle and bustle of the daily life routine unless he gets some comfort away from these regularities. Some want their bodies to be relaxed as well as their minds. So one of the main thing for the relaxation of body is Waxing. Yes it is!!

For this, we met a pro aesthetician and she told the best waxing tips so that we could share that with you. She further told about the different wax types available for different skin types.

Best and Easy Waxing Tips for Women

Further she gave us the following tips:

  1. Make sure that your aesthetician knows that if you are using over-the-counter topical exfoliating product or dermatologist prescribed products like Retin-A to ensure that your skin is ready for waxing.
  2. Know about your wax type. Different type of wax are available on market, so choose the one that suits your skin best. Soft wax is used for sensitive and larger areas and it’s the most familiar. On the other hand French wax is used on the smaller areas. It is applied hot and then left to be cooled to remove.
  3. Check if your aesthetician is using the old or used applicator and make sure that he/she is throwing it away after it touches to your skin with wax.
  4. If you don’t want your hair grow earlier, then have wax more often so hair will no grow back.
  5. Avoid waxing at sunburn area. If you do so then your skin will likely come off leaving your body.
  6. If your skin is more sensitive for wax then lay off the alcohol and caffeine for a few hours before wax. Stay hydrated.
  7. For making the wax easier for your aesthetician as well as for you, you should have shower in a little hot water, which open pores of your skin that makes the removal of hair much easier.
  8. If your skin turns red while wax then rub on some Aloe Vera gel or tea tree oil to reduce inflammation.

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