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4th Veet Miss Super Model 2014

The 4th consecutive season of Veet Miss Super Model 2014 has just begin with full of fun and entertainment. The officials of Veet has been announced the detail of Veet Miss Super Model 2014 at a hotel on Monday evening during the press conference to the media personnel.

4th Veet Miss Super Model 2014 will be on aired in mid of May which will be hosted by famous Pakistani VJ Wiqar Ali Khan. It consist eight episodes. It is being declared by the organizers of Veet Super Model 2014 that this season is going to be more thrilling than all the previous seasons of Veet Miss Super Model.

Veet Miss Super Model 2014

While talking to the media personnel, Khan said, “I am very happy to be a part of this. I will be hosting this event. Before, there used to be female hosts, but I am glad that I have been asked to host it this time. Also, there will be three mentors from the world of modeling who will help groom these girls.”

Khalid Soorty, VP Programming, Hum Sitaray, said, “We are not only empowering young women along the way, but we are identifying and grooming them also. It will be interesting with twists and turns, to see how the actual reality goes.”

Most of famous Pakistani fashion Models are the mentors of Veet Miss Super Model 2014. The names include famous Pakistan fashion models Cybil Chaudhry, Amna Ilyas and Sabina Pasha, they will teach to the participants.

The mentors shared their views during the press conference:

Cybil Chowdhry declares: “I can’t wait for everybody to perform!”

Sabina Pasha said, “So glad that they got a platform. When we started off in the modeling career there was none for us.”

Amna Ilyas said: “It is good to see that girls are passionate about it.”

Afterward in the question and answer gathering, Sabina Pasha said, “There is fiery competition and there is plenty of confidence. I hope they keep walking with their dreams intact. You will get to see a lot of passion and all kinds of emotions from tears to laughter in this show, as they will be living in all kinds of different conditions. Every single time there will be an interesting episode coming up.”

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